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Foundation Homes of CNY focuses on building cost effective homes for our clients. Efficient use of space and building materials along with best building practices helps us deliver quality homes at an affordable price. 

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Building Strong Foundations Under Your Dream

Foundation Homes of CNY LLC seeks to inspires families to build upon the American dream with a reliable and solid foundation so they can focus on what’s important – living. We provide a memorable experience from the day you dream, well past the move in date. We believe every homebuyer deserves our highest quality effort at an affordable cost. A home is one of the biggest investments in life and Foundation Homes of CNY will be here with you the entire journey. It is our strong desire to create a pleasurable, as well as a memorable building experience that you will happily share with your friends and family.


Foundation Homes of CNY commits to give everything 100% until we succeed. We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of Foundation Homes and our client.


Foundation Homes of CNY learns from mistakes. We consistently learn, grow and master so that we can help our clients learn, grow, and receive the best product possible.


Foundation Homes pledges to effective, clear and transparent communication with our clients, staff, vendors and partner’s.


Foundation Homes is admired and respected for our commitment to honest, trust and transparency.


Foundation Homes always strives to set the highest standard of quality in everything we do.


Foundation Homes owners, staff, partners and vendors live where you live. We understand the importance and pride of our community in which we serve. The owners remain active in the community as both volunteers and stakeholders.


Foundation Homes focuses its energy and attention on a successful outcome for every client’s project. We are committed to the success of our client’s project, their values and aspirations.

Ron M. Milback, MBA, CGP
Managing Partner & SCPM

Ron M (Michael) has several duties at Foundation Homes of CNY. As the Managing Partner and Senior Construction Project Manager or SCPM, Ron is responsible for leading our team of professionals, including subcontractors and vendors in completing your home building project by a set deadline. Additional duties include communicating with staff and clients, making decisions and monitoring the progress of the home build project to keep it on schedule. Important responsibilities also include continually performing quality control throughout the entirety of the build to maintain the standards expected and adjusting relative schedules as needs for the project change.

Christina L. Milback, PA-C, MS
Managing Partner

Christina (Christie) is primarily responsible for ensuring the day-to-day administrative operations of Foundation Homes of CNY. Christie creates and manages administrative procedures, inventory control, accounting practices and task delegation by supporting Ron with project management. Christie ensures that Foundation Homes of CNY is managed appropriately and preforming efficiently and effectively, in line with our mission, vision and values. Additional duties include communicating and meeting with clients, vendors and subcontractors for creative design purposes.

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River Grove - Baldwinsville, NY

Skyland Meadows - Onondaga Hill, NY

Old Town Estates - Onondaga Hill, NY

Longview at Radisson - Baldwinsville, NY

Harke Farms - Clay, NY

Malibu Hills - Camillus, NY

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We’ve provided you with everything you should  know about building with Foundation Homes of CNY.  Please download the PDF files below to get started on building your new home.

Our process sheet provides you with a clear understanding of how building with Foundation Homes of CNY goes. Knowing what to expect gives you the reassurance that you need.

Our standard specifications sheet provides you with a detailed list of our base model building materials from start to finish. Knowing what we provide at our base cost allows you to manage your build before you start.

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